Squirrel in roof

Rooftop Critters: Which Pests are the Most Common Sources of Roof Damage

When you think of the importance of having a roof over your head, you probably think of protection from rain or the cold. However, that is only one part of your roof’s job! Wild animals also pose a danger if they get inside your home, and your roof helps to protect you from them as well.

Unfortunately, your roof can sustain damage from these wild critters. In this blog, we’ll explain the animals that commonly cause damage to your roof and how you can spot them and stop them from causing a problem for your roof. First, let’s go over the most common culprits!


They may be cute, but squirrels can cause serious damage with their powerful teeth and their compulsion to chew on anything in sight. They can chew their way through some of the weak points in your roof and take up a nest in your attic, where they can chew through electrical wires and cause foul odors.

Repairing Squirrel Damage

Our pros at T. Williams Roofing can repair a hole caused by a squirrel fairly easily. This is a common problem in Texas and around the country. Unfortunately, we don’t advise that homeowners DIY these types of repairs since they require some special equipment to be done well.

Protecting Your Roof from Squirrels in the Future

There are a few things you can do to discourse squirrels from causing more problems for your roof in the future. Squirrels love trees and they may be using overhanging trees to jump over to your roof. Keeping these trimmed could really cut down on the local squirrel traffic on your roof.

Additionally, you can use physical repellants protecting wires and cables with plastic piping or putting up squirrel guards along the base of trees or electric poles.


Unlike squirrels, birds are much more difficult to prevent from getting to your roof because they can fly. Additionally, they don’t even need to land on your roof to cause damage. In fact, their droppings may be the most dangerous way they can cause issues for your roof. The reason is that bird droppings are extremely acidic and can slowly eat away at asphalt shingles. Additionally, birds can set up nests just about anywhere. Commonly we see birds building their nests in gutters or drains. The last potential danger is rarer but is the most frightening. Birds’ nests can be very flammable because of the materials they choose to build with. If they’ve built in the wrong part of your attic near electrical equipment for example, then it can cause a fire.

Repairing Your Roof from Bird Damage

We can repair some of the small holes or gaps that birds may be using to build their nests or infiltrate your attic. If bird droppings are your main problem, cleaning your shingles can at least prevent future damage.

Preventative Measures

There are a variety of preventative measures you can implement to help your roof repel away birds. Everything from spikes to fumigating insects from your home to cut off a food supply. The answer may depend on your specific bird problem and we’d love to help you through it! Just give us a call!

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