Holiday lights outside

How to Hang Christmas Lights Safely

Thanksgiving is well on its way, which means the holiday season is finally here! For a lot of us, this is something we can look forward to after a long and difficult 2020. We all deserve to enjoy the little things this holiday season like decorated houses and lights across our roofs.

However, it’s important that our collective eagerness doesn’t overtake safety. As roofing pros, we know a few things about ladder and roof safety and we want to help you enjoy the holiday season safely!

Hanging Lights Safely

Hanging lights around your home’s roof can make you the talk of the neighborhood and can be a fun family activity. Unfortunately, it can turn sour if you don’t do so safely.

Ladder Tips

It’s important to remember how dangerous ladders actually are. Ladder accidents cause thousands upon thousands of emergency room visits every single year. Also, keep in mind that some of the worst injuries can occur at heights below 10 feet since you have less time to react and try to protect yourself while landing.

To avoid ladder trouble make sure you always maintain three points of contact with the ladder. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not move a ladder if a person is on it. Lastly, make sure you have someone there to give a bit of extra stability and to make sure you’re being safe.

General Tips

Make sure you use lights that are graded for outdoor use and avoid hanging with nails which are a potential electrical hazard that can also damage your roof. Instead, use graded hooks that can safely hang your lights. Lastly, make sure all the lights work before you hang them! You don’t want to notice a gap in the lights right when you think you’ve finished everything!

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