Roof in storm

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Protect‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Home‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌Storm‌

Texas experiences just about every type of storm throughout the course of the year. We are no stranger to hurricanes, hail storms, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes. Texans can handle just about anything, but it’s important to prepare your home to tough it through harsh weather too. We want to help equip you to make the right decisions to help your home get through whatever storm comes your way. Here are our tips.


As a roofing contractor and installer, we recognize the importance of your gutters. However, many homeowners, understandably, see them as an annoying nuisance and chore. No one likes to clean out gutters of leaves and other debris, but it is so essential to your roof’s ability to fight off storms. If your gutters can’t function properly, water will accumulate on your roof and in the gutters with no place to drain. This causes unnecessary strain on your roof from the weight of all that water. You’d be surprised at how much damage your home and roof could sustain from forgetting to clean your gutters.

Immediate Preparations

Store Outdoor Items and Furniture

We hope you are clearing out your gutters regularly and not allowing leaves and debris to accumulate there. When there is a storm coming, you need to make immediate preparations and changes. We recommend that you prepare a place to bring in all of your lawn furniture. If you have a shed, that can be a great option for storage. Not only will you be protecting your things, but you’ll also prevent any furniture or tools from potentially causing damage if they are picked up by high winds. Don’t assume it won’t happen. It’s always better to be more cautious if you can.

Mitigating Flood Risk

When it comes to flooding and water damage, the more preparations and protections you can implement the better. When it comes to water damage and flooding, we recommend that you shut off the main water line to prevent any burst pipes, use sandbags to prevent a rush of water coming down a slope. This is especially important if your home does not have the best drainage. Also, we want to reiterate the importance of clearing your gutters before a powerful storm which will also lower your risk of flooding.

Protect Doors and Windows

If you’ve ever experienced a hurricane, you know how important it is to board up your windows or protect them in some other way. Windows are some of the most fragile parts of your home. Glass shatters and all it takes is one branch to be dragged by the wind to cause damage. Lastly, if you have a garage door, don’t assume it will hold particularly in a strong windstorm. There are garage door braces you can buy that can increase the stability of your garage door and you should consider having one just in case.


Storms happen all the time in our state. You have to make preparations for them. Emergency preparedness can give you the focus and foundation to rely on during a hectic and stressful situation like a storm hitting your home. These are just a few examples of how you can prepare your home, but there’s always more you can do.

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