Leaky Roof

What Is Causing Your Roof to Leak?

A roof emergency isn’t pleasant. We want to rely on the roof over our heads to keep us safe and comfortable. Sometimes the weather or even our plumbing has something else to say about it. Whatever the source of the water, a well-installed roof should be able to withstand it for the most part. However, if your roof has sustained some prior damage, it may not be able to hold up as well. Here are some potential danger zones for roof leaks.

Damaged Shingles

With the yearly hailstorms here in Texas, it’s fairly common for your shingles to take some damage over time. Unfortunately, weather conditions will degrade your shingles as the years pass. However, it’s important to be safe while inspecting for damages. If you use a ladder, make sure you do so safely on steady ground with someone to help stabilize it. But you may not need a ladder to spot shingle damage.

As rainwater drains from your roof, it can pull small pieces of broken shingle with them. If you notice flecks of debris in your gutters. It’s a sign that you have an issue with your shingles.

Damaged Flashing

Just like a skateboarder with elbow pads, your roof has special protection for the areas it can damage. Unless your roof is entirely flat, flashing provides special reinforcement for the spots where slopes meet on your roof since this is where water will drain. Typically made of metal, they are essential to roof drainage. If they are damaged, the spots that are most sensitive to damage will be exposed and you’ll need to get a professional to fix it!

Keep Your Gutters Clear

It’s not a fun chore, but it is absolutely necessary for the health of your roof to clean your gutters. Rainwater requires clear gutters so it can flow safely to the ground. When things are backed up, water can get trapped on your roof, and your risk of a big leak increases. Luckily, this point is entirely within your control!

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